Valentine Shortbread Stacks
Valentine Shortbread Stacks are an easy cookie that are as delicious as they are festive. The secret ingredient? Chocolate ‘dust!’
What shortbread doesn’t begin with butter? Cream 1 cup until creamy, light, and fluffy.
To the creamed butter, add 1/2 cup of packed brown sugar, light or dark.
2 1/4 cups AP flour is going to turn this from butter into dough. Mix as well as you can with a hand mixer, as dough will become somewhat stiff.
Take 1/2 cup chocolate chips and grind them in your food processor. Incorporate this chocolate ‘dust’ by hand. You want it to speckle the cookies.
We are going for evenly thick cookies, so as silly as it seems, load the dough into a gallon-sized plastic bag and grab a rolling pin!
Keep the bag unzipped and press dough into all of the corners and sides. Smooth it all out with your pin. This step will take several minutes.
After a 1 hour chill in the fridge, cut the plastic bag off and have cookie cutters at the ready. Spread 8 to 10 cookies on a parchment lined sheet.
Decorate. I used pink sugar sand for the bottom of the stack cookies. I reserve half a candied cherry for the baby cookie on top. Bake 20 minutes.
Use pretty color ribbon lengths to loosely “tie” your stack together. Or tuck into an old candy tin. These make a sweet teachers gift for sure!
Valentine Shortbread Stacks. Get the complete recipe plus links to the cookie cutters shown here on my website Not Entirely Average.
What you'll need
1 cup
Butter, Unsalted And Softened
1/2 cup
Brown Sugar
2 1/4 cups
AP Flour
1/2 cup
Chocolate Morsels, Ground
Sprinkles, Candied Cherries, Sugar Sand
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