Valentine’s Day Look
Brush up your brows and apply your fave brow product.
Apply eyeshadow primer then use a neutral brown crease shade on the lids then layer blush shades on the eye lid.
Reapply highlighter all over the eye.
Use a foundation stick and blend with your hands or brush.
Apply blush on the cheekbones and nose.
Apply a darker shadow on the lash line then apply the same eyeshadow on the lower lid to warm up the eyes.
Apply a lash primer for extra volume then apply lip gloss as you wait for the primer to dry a bit then add mascara after.
Apply a felt liner in a cat wing shape. Don’t worry about being messy, you can wipe it off later.
Clean up the liner and add a highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. Finish up by warming up the face with bronzer or blush.
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