Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Cakes with Duncan Hines
Won’t you be mine with Duncan Hines Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Cakes! Perfect for a charcuterie board. Pick your sweetie’s favorite cakes!
In a large bowl combine cake mix, eggs, milk + water, oil, sour cream. Mix on high speed 3 min. Add candies, berries, or chips. Bake at 350F.
So cute! Use the same recipe for all the flavors & add goodies to each one: strawberries, toffee, raspberry, white chocolate chips. Your preference!
Time to assemble! Build a large platter or charcuterie board with Duncan Hines mini cakes, candies, and macarons. Your honey will be forever yours.
Perfect for all your sweethearts. Look for Duncan Hines in the baking aisle and online!
Visit A Food Lover’s Life for all the delicious details.
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