Vegan Karaage (Soy Meat Recipe)
120g Soy meat chunks, 3 Tbsp Garlic ginger soy sauce (see the details on the website), 7 Tbsp Potato starch, Oil for deep-frying
Rehydrate: Put soy chunks in boiling water, and rehydrate for 30 minutes. (If they float, place a lid or plate on top to push them down to rehydrate)
Drain and squeeze: Drain the water, squeeze them one by one, and put them in a large bowl.
Marinate: Add garlic ginger soy sauce, mix well by hand, and marinate for 10 minutes or more.
Potato starch: Squeeze lightly and coat them with potato starch.
Deep fry: Deep fry at medium temperature until browned (about 5 minutes).
Serve them with steamed rice and enjoy!
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