Visiting The Midway, Utah Ice Castles- A Winter Must Do
The Ice Castles in Midway, Utah are hand built with icicles by professional ice artists each year.
You’ll be amazed at the height and magnitude of the castles!
They include tunnels, slides, fountains, and more all made out of ice!
Explore the tunnels, some you may have to crawl through, and marvel at the details in the ice.
So many nooks and crannies to explore!
Snow boots and pants are recommended because the snow underfoot can be quite deep.
Ride one of the slides throughout the castles!
Book tickets in advance online for a specific entry time slot @
Book your time slot to over lap with daylight and sunset. Enter while it’s still light...
Be inside the castles while the sun starts to set...
And watch the magic start as it gets dark!
The castles are lit by thousands of LED lights of multiple colors!
The changing colors are mesmerizing!
Take a ride down the rainbow slides, faster and steeper than the other slide.
You can find dozens of photo op spots for pictures with the ice and the lights.
Explore the tunnels again once lit up. And be careful! They can be slippery.
The fountains are breathtaking and change colors!
And the giant ice sculptures have lights inside for different color backdrops.
It’s hard to pick just one color as a favorite!
Masks are required, but you can sneak a mask free picture here and there.
And before or after your visit to the castles, eat at Lola’s Street Kitchen in Midway.
Locally sourced, organic and high quality food. Be sure to get the Garlic Parm Fries and homemade fry sauce!
From burgers, grilled cheese, salads, gyros, and a kids menu, you’ll find something for everyone!
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