Waffles Using the Pampered Chef Deluxe Grill & Griddle
Using the waffle plates, set to Custom, 4-8 mins (depending on type of batter), 375°.
Whisk 1 egg. Add 2c Bisquick mix & 1 1/3c milk. Use Batter Scraper to remove batter from whisk if needed.
Add 2T oil.
Sneak in some unflavored Pea Protein Enrichables for a nutritional boost.
Add 1/2c batter to each side. Close lid & press the Select button to start the timer.
Watch waffles as they may be done prior to the end of the timer, depending on the type of batter being used.
Store leftover batter in the small Batter Bowl with lid.
Top waffle with berries that have been heated in the microwave using the 1c Prep Bowl.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Top with maple syrup.
What you'll need
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Pampered Chef Delixe Electric Waffle Plates
Pampered Chef Powdered Sugar Shaker
Pampered Chef Pea Protein Enrichables
Pampered Chef Small Batter Bowl
Pampered Chef Deluxe Grill & Griddle
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