Green Watercolor Paint
Gold Watercolor Paint
Brown Watercolor Paint
Wide Flat Brush, Filbert Grainer, Filbert
Heavyweight Watercolor Paper
Pothos Vine
You’re going to be painting what you see.
Place your vine in a well lit area near your workspace.
If your paper gets too wet it may pill or tear. Take breaks between layers to let your paper dry.
Let’s paint some pothos!
Use a wide flat brush to wet your paper slightly.
Mix green and a non-metallic gold to create a yellow-green
Using a filbert grainer, paint the first leaf shape in yellow-green.
Going the direction of the veins, fill in your leaf.
Go over darker parts of the leaf with green paint; continue to follow the veins’ direction.
Using yellow-green, paint a stem. Add extra paint to the end to darken it.
Repeat the process on the rest of your leaves.
When painting the nodes, mix brown with your yellow-green.
Thankyou for painting with me!