Watermelon Mini Cake Pops 🍉
What you'll need
My Little Cake Pops Mold
Popsicle Sticks
Green Candy Melts
Cake Craft Pink Cake Drip (alternatively, Pink Candy Melts)
Green Edible Coloring (I use SweetSticksAu paints)
Chocolate (or black) Sprinkles
Dust your mold with a little cake flour or powdered sugar, insert cake, and release.
Insert popsicle stick into melted chocolate, then insert into cake. Chill them for a few minutes.
After they chill, dip into melted chocolate. I didn’t have enough for dipping so I just covered it.
Paint your stripes. I love using Sweet Sticks because their paints dry so quickly!
Add your ganache (or melted chocolate drip) and sprinkles!
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