10 Ways To Find Local Artists To Support
It might be easy to find independent artists around the world online, but how do you find local artists in your area? Here are some tips to try.
Filter by shop location on Etsy. You can select Anywhere, United States, or enter something custom (like your state).
Google “[your city] artist”. Try replacing artist with something more specific, like woodworking or pottery.
Be on the lookout for craft fairs in your area! They are a fun way to discover new artists.
Same goes for local galleries. Visit the gallery to discover art in person or check their website to find info about artists featured.
Follow craft fairs & galleries on social media, they’ll often share work by local artists. Queens Craft Brigade does a great job of this!
Local boutiques & gift shops might highlight work from local artists. If you’re not sure you can always ask!
Browse museum gift shops, they often incorporate locally sourced items into their merchandise.
Search for organizations of artists & local businesses in your area. For example NYC has NY Handmade Collective and Made In NYC!
Ask a friend! People love to talk about artists they’ve discovered.
Check if your local college/university has a public gallery. Some even have alumni exhibitions or seasonal fundraisers selling student work.
Now that you’ve found local artists you love, support them by sharing them with your friends and/or purchasing their work!
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