12 Ways To Practice Self-care In 2021
Keep a journal as an outlet to document your daily thoughts & experiences. Write down at least three things for which you are grateful every day.
Incorporate some green smoothies into your weekly menu. To get you started, try a mango + ginger immunity sboost green smoothie.
Keep your body and joints moving in synch with a mobility routine.
Make a simple essential oil diffuser bracelet to integrate natural scents that will relax or invigorate you.
Attempt a new skill or project that allows you to take a break from the daily grind. An easy one to try? Learn how to finger crochet.
Wake up your mind and body with some stretches before you even get out of bed.
Keep your skin healthy & clean so you feel your best. A DIY rose sugar scrub can get you started.
Craft something to donate to an organization in need. Kindness is good for your heart and mind!
Start a meditation practice that fits your lifestyle and needs.
Make a card & use it to write a kind note to a friend. Send it old-school snail mail style as a reminder that we can all slow down & enjoy the ride.
Dance around to your favorite music. Try some dance moves (that double as cardio) to help your get your groove on.
Indulge in a special treat. It doesn’t matter if it’s savory or sweet, just that you take your time to enjoy every bite.
January 2021 on Create To Donate is all about DIY projects that support self-care. Stop by to find your new favorite!
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