7 Ways To Style A Tank Top
Hello!! Today I’m going to be showing you 7 ways to style a tank top that you might already own
A basic tank top like this will be perfect!
I like to style my tank tops with flared pants all the time, it’s such an easy way to put a casual outfit together
This is my go to outfit for the summer, it’s cute, chic and most of all comfortable while still making you look like you put thought into your outfit
This is also another great outfit if you like denim skirts, pair it up with sandals and a cane bag
Tank tops also can be dressed up, asymmetrical skirts are in trend right now, this will be a perfect outfit for dinner
I call this my coffee run outfit during the summer, it’s an effortlessly chic look, pair this up with trainers and you’re good to go
Tank tops are perfect with sweatpants, I usually like flared sweatpants - if you’re having people over and still want to look cute, this is your go to
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