5 ways to Style your Braids
With a few braids on each side twist them and lead them towards the back of your head. Then tie them both like a lace.
Make a side bang , twist your hair 2x times then begin to twist braids to one side and leave a braid or two out. The idea is to "Twist and Exchange".
Take the last piece of hair, sweep it behind your neck and bring it to the other side.
Continue braiding until you get to the end. Let the big braid hang.
Overdirect your braids forward, take two braids in the middle of your head an wrap it around the rest of your hair, then tuck it under the tied braid.
High Braid Pony Tail. 90's vibes Waterfall Braids. From Patra ,Yo-Yo and Janet Jackson Poetic Justice Braids.
Turning this style into a high bun.
Lets go for one more style
Leave out 4 braids in the front divide it into 2 on each side. Put the rest of your braids in a low pony tail.
Twist your Braids and wrap it in a bun.
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What you'll need
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