7 Ways to Style your Favourite Band Tee👚
Pair it with a skirt & play with the length. Perfect balance between casual and a little dressy ✨
Trousers upgrade your shirts to fit a more structured look. Try different patterned bottoms, too!
Biker shorts with a zip-up sweater around the waist keeps you layered and stylish💅🏾
Denim & band tees were MEANT to be paired together. Throw on a statement belt and you’re good to go👖
Going for something a bit more professional? Add a blazer and watch your look elevate 🔥
Cut-offs are another perfect match! Tuck your tee in or create a crop top. The options are endless 🙌🏾
Overalls. They’re comfy, simple and add some dimension to your ‘overall’ fit 😉
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