10 Ways To Survive Summer Travel As A Goth
Use a high SPF wildlife-safe sun block to prevent an accidental tan (and protect your skin from UV)
Wear only waterproof/smudge free makeup during the day when it's hottest to keep it in place
If you get warm easily, maybe leave the heavy goth boots at home and instead wear some lighter goth shoes or sandals
Pick light and airy fabrics that breath better such as lace and mesh and wear looser clothes
Keep hydrated throughout the day and night, wearing black looks great but can make you hot and dehydrated
A wide-brimmed hat is great for keeping the sun off your face but also can come darker styles to add to an outfit
A black lace parasol or fan not only gives you the mysterious look but also will help keep you cool
Make sure your accessories can tolerate the heat to avoid damaging them
Avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day to avoid burning and the heat
Buy a goth swimming costume and towels to show your style when at the pool/beach
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