Weaving Basics (Weaving In A Header)
Cut a length of warp thread to weave with
Gather materials: loom, yarn, fork, needle
Thread the needle
Begin weaving in the opposite shed of your last pick of warp prep
Weave all the way across and pull through leaving a small tail (make sure to pull through until the yarn is a single strand)
Use a fork to beat the yarn down against your warp prep
Push all the yarn down into a straight line
Tuck the tail in by weaving a few warp threads into the next shed and beating it down
Leave the tail hanging. No knots!!
Weave back across in the opposite direction in the opposite shed (go over the thread you had gone under in the last pick)
Arrange the thread like a mountain or a triangle
This is because weaving is DIMENSIONAL and needs the extra space to go over and under
Gently beat down the thread with your fork without pulling the thread. It will lie flat.
It may take time to develop your own natural tension and figure out exactly how big a mountain you should leave
The mountain technique helps keep your selvedges straight and even
Avoid pulling too tight and creating uneven selvedges
Your first weaving will likely have uneven selvedges! This is fine! You’re learning. Take it one pick at a time.
When the thread on your needle isn’t long enough to make it to the other side it’s time to tuck in your end and start a new thread
Weave a few warp threads into the next shed
Cut a tail and leave it hanging (no knots!)
Cut a new thread and keep weaving!
I recommend tucking in your new end on the opposite side to avoid excess bulk but it’s ultimately up to the weaver’s preference
Weave for about 1” to complete your header
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