What To Expect At The Hershey Story Museum
Begin your journey by customizing a key card that will let you interact with different exhibits throughout the museum.
After learning about the origins of Hershey's Chocolate, watch some historic machines in action!
You can also virtually design your own machines to see if you have what it takes to mass-produce chocolate.
Another interactive experience is to create a candy bar wrapper using Hershey's images from the past and present.
One really cool visual is this timeline that compares Hershey's story to the other historic advances happening at the same time!
They even have audio clips to help you immerse yourself in the history of the chocolate company!
Looking through this employee handbook will give you a glimpse of both Hershey's Chocolate and life in the past.
They have an ever-changing exhibit that focuses on some fun niche. When we visited, we learned some science of chocolate!
In addition to looking through microscopes, we also got to use "centrifugal force" to learn about making sugar.
If you love history and chocolate, this interactive museum would be great for you!
5 Attractions at Hershey's Chocolate World
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