What’s The Boise Basque Block?
The Basque Block is a unique street in Boise, Idaho dedicated to preserving and celebrating Basque culture.
The Basque country or “Euskadi” is in Northern Spain and France. Many Basque immigrants settled in Idaho.
The Basque block is in downtown Boise, just blocks from the capital, and starts with this 20 ft. mural
Art abounds! This statue includes the colors of the flag and a traditional Basque tool.
Even the cement is decorated—some squares have song lyrics.
Every five years there is a huge Basque festival called Jaialdi. Particpants from many countries dance, celebrate, and compete in traditional sports.
Learn more at the Basque Museum. It’s open Tuesday-Saturday and admission is $5 for adults.
I learned that many Basque worked as shepherds. It was a lonely job living in wagons like these for months.
The Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga House is an old Basque boarding house that you can tour.
Leku Ona is the place to go for Basque fine dining, indoors and out. Try the lamb, trout a la Navarra or calamari.
Kalimotxo is the famous Basque drink of red wine and cola and it’s perfect for a hot day!
Bar Gernika serves Spanish favorites like croquetas and chorizo and of course kalimotxo!
The Basque Market sells Basque and Iberian products—take home some unique wine or cheese
Visiting the Basque Block is a unique Boise experience!
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