When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do!
Get on a Vespa and start your quintessential Roman tour. After all, this is what dreams are made of!
Travel companies all over the city offer Vespa tours to explore Rome. Iโ€™ve done it several times! ๐Ÿ›ต
The first stop on your Vespa should undoubtedly be to the Colosseum; AKA the Flavian Amphitheater.
Completed in 80AD, it was the largest amphitheater at the time and held 80,000 spectators.
You know what time Romans visit Trevi Fountain? At 5am, when nobody is around! You snooze, you lose!
Take a peek through Romeโ€™s best kept secret: Aventine Keyhole! Located behind a 17th century door...
...the smallest country in the world - Vatican City - slowly and magically comes to life. โค๏ธ
Next, spend an evening exploring Museo Leonardo Da Vinci; the most comprehensive museum in Rome.
Here, Leonardo Da Vinciโ€™s work as an inventor, artist, engineer and architect is brought to life.
Piramide Cestia is also a hidden gem! It is the only Egyptian pyramid outside of Cairo/Giza in Rome.
And last but not the least; nobody does pizza better than the country that gave birth to it! ๐Ÿ•
Pinsere offers the cheapest & tastiest pizzas in Rome, suitable for both veg/non-veg. Costs just โ‚ฌ2!
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