when you need to get out of your own head
Tess, 6 months. Reaching for the rattle, babbling. Does she seem distressed?
my thoughts “is she upset? should I give it to her? Wait? oh no, she looked away, did she give up?”
She looks like she enjoying the experience. Also, she’s learning to move her body intentionally
She got it! Do I say yay? She doesn’t even look at me, I’m not going to interrupt. She seems content
some thoughts. If I helped her, it would’ve been bc of my own noise in my head, not bc she needed me
you don’t give them the chance to show u who they are in this area of development and personality
you also get in the way of them building the ability to persevere and work thru challenges
it hinders us in our parenting. Part of parenting is giving up control and quieting our own “stuff”
picture later in life- you can’t win baseball games for them and they shouldn’t want u to
by “sitting on your hands” you’re helping both your children and YOU!
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