Where To Find Reasonably Priced Halal Food In LA!
Joe’s Falafel: quick-service, Mediterranean-inspired eatery with a Halal menu featuring mouthwatering falafels, kebabs and a full vegetarian menu.
JeJe Chicken: unassuming counter-serve spot specialising in pocket-friendly sandwiches, platters, shawarmas and wraps. A lot of food for under $10!
Dune: using the freshest, cleanest & most local ingredients, it’s a lovely place for a hearty meal recreating street food from East Mediterranean.
Skaf’s Grill: their lamb shank is absolutely amazing! A fully Halal eatery with food that’s not only good for your tastebuds,but also for your pocket.
Taste of Tehran: head over to this lovely eatery for amazing salads, small plates, wraps and traditional Persian drinks. Their Shirazi Salad is great!
Mama’s Secret: comfortable Turkish cafe known for its breakfast platters, crepes, cheese boards and baklavas! It runs as a bakery and is fully Halal.
Urban Skillet: hip, contemporary over-the-counter restaurant serving cheesy, meaty & vegetarian halal burgers, wings and burritos.
You can also save $5 on your first five orders! Look how loaded their delicious, traditional American burgers are. 😍🤤
LA Biryani: a small fully-halal eatery with reasonably priced but fantastic biryani! Their combo boxes, platters & drinks are great value for money.
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