7 Winter Essentials For Valley of Fire State Park
Base Layers - To keep your layering to a minimum, we highly recommend Uniqlo's heat-tech inner-wear.
Insulated Jacket - Wearing a heavy coat is a must for us since we start the majority of our hikes in the wee hours.
Hiking Boots - Avoid wearing sneakers. All the trails we hiked had a ton of sand, so you want to wear footwear that will keep the sand out.
Sweaters - Wear a lightweight sweater underneath your heat-tech inner wear.
Fingerless Gloves - If you plan on taking a ton of photos, these type of gloves are super convenient.
Beanie/Hat - You’ll definitely be thankful you had it for those super chilly mornings.
Pacsafe Backpack - This anti-theft backpack is our go-to for all our travels.
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