Balance lives in your abs so keep them engaged the entire time & be sure to soften your standing knee so your body weight is in your quad muscle
Fold Over: tilt your tailbone for a neutral back & support it with tight abs. Your butt lifts your leg to hip height to tighten & round your seat.
Everything we do together is always a Total Body Workout
Abs are the primary effort here. They are stabilize and keep your hips level. Shoulders & hamstring are your secondary by carrying your body weight
The larger motion of your leg makes this progression more challenging. Your abs, shoulders & hamstring have to work harder to stabilize you.
Engage your abs and use them to push your back down & lift your shoulders. Keeping your abs tight hold your body still as you move your arms & legs
With everything moving together your legs & arms are heavier making it more challenging for your abs to hold you still
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