4x Alternative Roller Skate Instructions
These are some alternative instructions for your posture, because sometimes you just need that one sentence or metaphor to get the feeling!
Butt/tailbone down!
When I say "bend your knees" I see a lot of people bending over. So instead thinking bend your knees, think butt DOWN!
"core tight" is a vague instruction for some people, so pretend your wearing very tight denims and you pull up the zipper
Point at the direction where you're going (transitions)
When I say open your shoulder, many people only look over their shoulder without opening. But when you point, you have to open your shoulder!
The broom stick
I see many people arching their backs when they try to stand straigt
Pretend somebody put a broom stick through the top of your head, it comes out your but, and it sticks your heels instead of just standing straight.
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