Yarn Wrapped Christmas tree
Materials: 12x12" paper, yarn, tape, hot glue, ruler, pencil, scissors and stars.
Measure 12" from one corner to the opposite side of the paper. Mark with the pencil.
Cut the paper. You will have a 1/4 of a circle.
Roll your paper to make a cone then add some tape to hold in place.
Add a dot of glue on the tip and start wrapping your yarn. Do it 2-3 times top to bottom then around it.
Add some hot glue here and there to hold the yarn in place. Wrap as much yarn as you want or until you can't see the paper.
I cut the yarn at the bottom, then added more glue at the base to hold the yarn.
Glue the star on top. I painted mine with a silver marker. And you are done!
Your Christmas tree is ready for your table!
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