Yayoi Kusama Inspired Polka Dotted Mushrooms!
Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese contemporary painter, sculptist, writer and performer.
She likes to paint mushrooms and is sometimes known as “The Princess of Polka Dots.”
She loves to paint repeated dots of all sizes in patterns (and not in patterns!)
Here is another one of her paintings.
What you'll need
1) 1 Sheet Of White Paper
Markers Or Crayons
1 Sharpie Pen
Watercolor Or Crayons
Let’s draw mushrooms! First, start with the stem and then the mushroom top. Like this...
Draw different mushroom sizes around the page.
Now add DOTS! Make a pattern in a line on the stems...
Try different sizes and some dots inside dots, have fun with it!
Now, the background. Yayoi Kusama likes to add lines that connect like a web.
Add color!
You can you use paint, crayon or markers.
All done! Thanks for trying a Yayoi Kusama masterpiece!
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