Your First 3 Steps As A Beginner Roller Skater
Cannonball. Bend your knees and make yourself small. When you're feeling unstable, get into this position.
Practice it without shoes
Practice getting in and out.
Pick a cheek and practice falling.
Bubbles: with bubbles you create a bubble shaped movement with your feet on the ground to get forward. It's a great exercise for your leg strength
Posture: bend your knees, belly button in, eyes at the horizon.
Feet in a V shape, push your feet out, pivot on your heels and pull your legs in
Don't forget to bend your knees. It's a push and pull motion. Push out, pull in.
Plough stop: when you're doing bubbles, you can use the plough stop to stop.
When your toes meet, put pressure on your outside edges to stop (the outside of your feet, so your little toes). Only do this when going slow!
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