Zodiac Fire Sign Inspired Outfits
Here are 6 outfits inspired by the fire signs of the zodiac!
Wearing a blazer and adding pops of red throughout your outfit is perfect for channeling Aries' ambitious and passionate nature.
For Aries' more wild and fun-loving side, try a bold outfit with cool tights and a sheer top.
Leos are determined and loyal, which makes this off the shoulder top and midi skirt the perfect outfit. Add a backpack to complete the look!
A Leo also loves to be the life of the party, so wear a bold red top with an eye catching skirt to match.
Sagittarius are known for being spontaneous and free-spirited. Wear a flowy romper with a hat so you're ready to travel anywhere!
To channel a Sagittarius' thoughtful and wise side, layer a polo under a v-neck and pair it with some loose but structured pants.
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