Zodiac Water Sign Inspired Outfits
Here are 6 outfits inspired by the water signs of the zodiac!
Cancers are often seen as nurturing and empathetic people that enjoy being homebodies, so go for a cozy cardigan and jeans look!
For a Cancer's more decisive and curious side, layer a blazer over a blue/green color palette.
Scorpios are often considered the most passionate and intense of the water signs, so wear a bold layered look with a pop of red.
On the other hand, a Scorpio can also be seen as dark and mysterious. An all black outfit is the perfect look for this sign!
Pisces are known to be independent and creative, so go for a fun look with different patterns that is still cohesive!
To channel Pisces' more emotional and dreamy side, wear a girly pastel look with feminine details.
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