Zucchini Ribbon Flatbread Pizza
You’ll need a zucchini & if desired, a yellow squash for color.
A speed peeler makes great ribbons. Can use a mandoline or slice thinly with a knife.
I don’t use the center core section. All the extra bits are used in something else or composted.
We eat this stuff on everything! It’s easy! WHIPPED HERB RICOTTA WITH GARLIC & PARMESAN
Purchased flatbread and a generous amount of Whipped Herb Ricotta. See my profile. It’s easy!
Whipped Herb Ricotta with Garlic & Parmesan. So easy and we use it on everything.
Now sprinkle on some pearled or grated Parmesan. Then a bit of mozzarella.
Twist the zucchini ribbons & layer it up. Add other toppings as desired. Whatever you have.
Top with a little shredded gruyere or something sharp with contrasting flavor. Not too much.
A little drizzle of olive oil. Then dash of salt and pepper. Bake 425f until cheese is melted.
To finish: a sprinkle of pearled Parmesan for texture.
Yeah. I’m eating that. Thanks for watching!
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