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ChihYu Smith
Paleo Cuisine Chef & Dog Lover
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Phoebe Lapine
22k IG followers
Gluten-Free Chef
“I love how the Jumprope format creates very actionable content for my followers. It's the perfect way to showcase more casual how-to's on IGTV. ”
How to
Make a creamy potato salad
ChihYu Smith
60k IG followers
Paleo Cuisine Chef & Dog Lover
“Jumprope has saved me so much time on content creation. I can now make 1 video and use it across all platforms regardless of Instagram or Youtube.”
How to
Make Easy Broccoli Fried Rice
Isabel Baylor
800 IG followers
Yoga and Wellness Teacher
“I'm so excited to share my recipes and wellness tips. Jumprope is a fun new way to do that!”
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Prep Skin for Summer in NYC
Channing Centeno
3k IG followers
Bartender & Chef
“I've been looking for fun new ways to showcase my drinks and recipes. I love that I can show you how to make a cocktail step by step”
How to
Make a Penicillin Cocktail
70k IG followers
Certified Life Enthusiast
“Jumprope is a great tool for creators and storytellers who want to share their stories on social.”
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