A Day Trip to Pensacola, FL
Tour the Florida State Museum! It has some of the most striking architecture in the whole town.
Quayside Art Gallery is three floors of independent local artists that do all sorts of mediums. It was so impressive & the price points are reasonable
Visit the Seville Quarter that has a few fun restaurants that are lively at night!
There are endless food options at The Garden, which is comprised of individually owned modern food trucks.
Do a house walking tour! If you enjoy different style homes & their bright colors, this town is a great place to do it! This home had an orange tree!
Stop by Pensacola Bay Brewery for their famous beer! You can buy growlers to take home too.
Walk through Historic Pensacola which is often compared to Colonial Williamsburg! There are homes from the 1800s original to the area.
Stop by Florida’s oldest existing church. It’s beautifully kept and the focal point of Historic Pensacola.
Buy tickets to tour Historic Pensacola homes. There are reenactors who show you what the buildings were used for. The whole area takes you back.
Walk down Main Street that has tons of cute local businesses.
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