A Guide To Gettysburg, PA
Visit the beautiful campus of Gettysburg College, a liberal arts school with stunning buildings.
These buildings were here while the Gettysburg Battle occurred. Many of the buildings were used as hospitals for wounded soldiers.
Take a tour of the Battlefields. The history of these grounds are truly unbelievable. You need a guide to really bring it all to perspective.
Don’t forget to stop at the Gettysburg Visitor Center. There’s a beautiful cyclorama that you don’t want to miss.
The Gettysburg Hotel is a famous place to stay right in Lincoln Square. Former Presidents have stayed there & it has a lot of charm.
Hop across the Square to Blue & Gray’s Bar where the chicken wings and brews are the absolute best!
If you’re a big breakfast person like me, you have to go to Lincoln Diner (open 24h) or The Ugly Mug Cafe.
The Main Streets surrounding Lincoln Square have so many cute small businesses. Take a few hours to visit all of them. The shop owners need support!
If you have a sweet tooth, you must stop by Mr. G’s Ice cream Shop. It’s well worth the wait if there’s a line!
Take a Ghost Tour! The stories are so cool and most of the buildings in town were there during the Civil War. It’s one of the coolest things to do!
Rent a Gettyped and scoot around the town and battlefield. It’s such a fun activity to do on a sunny day!
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