Apply Hand Cut Thermal Vinyl To Fabric (K-8)
What you'll need
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1 pair, can be shared
Safety Gloves
Fabric Scissors
6” square
Thermal Transfer Vinyl
1 per student, lighter colors better.
Sharpie Marker
1 per student, we recommend muslin
10X10 Fabric Square
1, re-used between students
12X12 Fabric Square - Cover sheet
18 x 24 works best - scraps perfect
Plywood / MDF Table Covering
One iron for every five participants
Household Iron
Thermal Vinyl Coach Guide
Use a sharpie to draw your design on shiny side of the heat transfer vinyl. This is the “up” side.
Use scissors to cut out your design. Use a hobby or safety knife if you have a detailed image.
Place vinyl shiny side up on your fabric. Lay cover sheet over it and apply iron on “cotton / high”
Check for bubbles under plastic. If edge releases, peel off plastic. It’s ok to heat longer!
While the shiny side is still warm gently peel away. Cover and add finishing heat to sticker.
Repeat steps to add layers of additional colors or details to your design! It can be laundered!
Clean up is easy - remember to turn off iron!
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