Artemis Palette By Alter Ego Fall Look
I started using Alter Ego’s Eyeshadow Base to try it out with their shadows
Started with the shade Trap on my crease, wow it’s really pigmented
Now taking shade Snare with a smaller brush, I was amazed by how pigmented it was, blended so well!
Applying shade Spear on the inner half, wow this one blew me off, amazing shimmer! And it not wet!
Taking shade Pounce on the middle of the lid, this one also was great, I wanted to stop there but...
Decided to take shade Quest, it was good but not as shimmery, it was Ok!
On the bottom I’m taking shade Trap again, very softly.
With a flat brush I took shade Captivate to deepen up the bottom
Lastly I brightened the inner conners using shade Scent
This is the final look! 100% Recommended! Thanks for watching! 💋💋
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