Awesome Port Aransas Experiences
Splash around! Port A boasts 18 miles of shoreline so there is ample space to jump in and play!
Order a beer under a Corvette at Stingrays! In addition to the cars and drinks, they have food.
Take a bike ride! The main roads can be ultra congested in peak season so biking is the way to go.
Skimboarding appeals to a wide range of people. Hop on and try to get it to skim over water.
Write your name in the sand! Have you even been to the beach if you didn’t etch your name?
Port A is a popular destination for surfing because the swell is consistent. Classes are available.
Check out a pirate ship! How cool is this thing? You can book a tour to get the full experience.
Dig a big hole to China or maybe bury your feet. There’s plenty of shoreline to build or dig on.
Dolphin watch! You can often see them from shore but book a tour to get closer.
Feed the birds. I know they’re sort of flying rats but it’s fun to watch them descend on some bread.
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