4 Best Practices for Fitness Covers
Creating the perfect cover for your fitness Jumpropes can be tricky. We’re sharing our best practices to help you get the most out of your covers!
We always recommend using a photo of yourself doing a workout move! This way, the viewer will know exactly what the Jumprope is about before watching.
Here are 3 examples of creators using covers that show them doing a workout move! These covers work as both photos or videos.
In “How to do Camel Pose”, Rona from @yogawithrona uses a photo of her doing camel pose as her cover.
Amber, from @AM_B_ITIOUSFit24, uses this video of her jumping rope as the cover of her helpful "Audacity Full Body Workout” Jumprope.
For his Jumprope “5 Fun Plank Variations to Upgrade Your Core”, Noam of @noamtamirfit uses this photo of him planking for the cover!
Another cover strategy we recommend is using a cover that shows the creator posing with a piece of equipment that’s used in the workout.
This strategy highlights the equipment and shows the viewer right away what will be used in the workout. Here are 3 great examples of this!
Victoria of @vickinosecrets features her dumbbell in the cover of her Jumprope “Full Body HIIT Workout with Dumbbells”.
Dan, from @NY-Weightlifting-Academy, shows off his reverse hyper extension machine in his “The Reverse Hyper Extension Machine” Jumprope!
Alex, @alexbrandy, poses with her band that she uses in her “Booty Band Workout” Jumprope!
Use bright lighting for cover photos and film cover videos with a steady camera!
Here are 3 examples of well lit and steadily filmed Jumprope covers!
Alyssa, from @alyssatheyogi, uses natural light in her cover photo for her “Yoga For Asthma Relief” Jumprope! Natural light is great for filming.
Ashley, from @ashbrooke.fit, uses this clear and steady video as the cover for her “Glute Activation & Lower Body Day” Jumprope!
Shaina, of @shainafalconefitness, uses this clear and well lit photo for the cover of her helpful “Wall & Counter Toning Home Workout” Jumprope!
Avoid adding burned-in text on your photo or video before uploading to Jumprope! Write all text in the box on each card.
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