Best Practices For Plant & Gardening Jumpropes
Hello! Here are 7 important tips for creating successful plant & gardening Jumpropes.
Most important, your Jumprope should be helpful & provide valuable info in a way viewers can easily follow along, like this Jumprope from @plantmama.
Be detailed. For example, specify proportions if you recommend a certain soil mix so viewers know what they need. You can even link products directly.
Use video for steps. It’s easier for viewers to see how much fertilizer you use or where you’re pruning, like this Jumprope by @jessiekatzgreenberg.
A steady camera is key so viewers aren’t distracted by shaky video. Use an inexpensive tripod, like @Aplantlady, or prop your phone against something.
Use good lighting so viewers see what you’re doing. Film near a window or outside, or you can use an inexpensive ring light.
Your cover image/video is the first thing viewers see. Make sure it represents your Jumprope by featuring a specific plant, gardening tool, etc.
Just like the cover image, an engaging title can convince someone to watch. Include keywords like “low light plants” or “easy gardening tips”.
If you’re curious what mistakes to avoid, the Jumprope linked below has great tips!
And check out this Jumprope if you need some houseplant content ideas.
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