Blush Tassel Garland For Valentine's Day!
Make the tassels: start by choosing the size you want and cutting some cardboard. Mine is about 4"x4" and I wrapped 35 times for this fluffy yarn
I wrapped this regular yard 40-45 times around the cardboard "stencil" to reach similar fluffiness as the other yarn
After wrapped, pull a piece of yard through on side and tie tightly at the top. Then cut through all the strands of yarn at the opposite end
Using another piece of yard, tie around all the pieces close the the knot. Here you can decide how but you want the head of the tassel to be
Now that the tassels are made, let's make the string of wood beads! Threading with a chunky sewing needle helped a ton. I used waxed thread for this.
I added each tassel 4 large beads apart. I tied 3 standard knots and cut off the rest. Total I have 7 tassels on this garland
Now make other garlands! I loosely sewed 20 felt hearts together and I made a standard wood bead garland!
I love how it came together! If you like the look but don't want to put in the work, you can head to my Etsy shop!
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