Bold New Years Makeup Look
Step one, take a bold pink eyeshadow and apply it in a diagonal motion on your lid, leaving the centre empty.
Using the lighter pink shade in the palette, blend out all the edges of the initial pink eyeshadow, make sure to use a small brush for precision.
To blend it out further, use a clean shadow brush to blend out the edges.
To deepen pink shadow, apply a little of the black eyeshadow and blend it out, this will require patience to make sure it is blended out properly.
Using your finger, take a pink shimmer shade and place it in the centre of your lid, this will be the base for the next shade.
Apply a gold shadow right on top and blend out the sides of the gold shadow with the light pink shadow.
Use a black eyeliner and wing it out too, it adds extra drama to the look.
Apply your lashes for this look, I went with a pair that is longer the centre and shorter on the sides.
For a look like this one you want to fill in your brows a little darker to match the full glam look.
A lot of people don’t know what kind of skin work should be done with such bold looks, for blush I like to match it to a shade in the eyeshadow look.
And for highlighter, I match it to the centre shade that is on the look.
And there we have it the fundal look, I went for a nude lipgloss with a heavy brown lip liner to provide some balance to the look.
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