Bombay Bakery Coffee Cake - Sarah Mir
Aik baar khao gay toh khaatey rehjaogay,no one can eat just once!Bake it happen!You won’t regret it!
I tried Sarah’s Bombay Bakery Coffee Cake for “Doston ki Recipes”-I like small bundts & I cannot lie
You butter believe it-it’s the best coffee cake!Complete recipe on her blog! Beat butter till creamy
Add in the sugars ! Let’s beat it
Puns eggscite me. No yolking!(Don’t I just crack you up?) Let’s add in those eggs & beat again
Add in half the flour
Bean thinking about this cake a latte.‘Deja Brew’-feeling you’ve had this cake b4.Add coffee & milk.
Sift remaining flour.Don’t be afraid to take is ‘batter’ with this cake! Bake till done
Icing & cake: butter together! Beat butter till fluffy. Add in icing sugar,coffee,vanilla, salt.
Life is what you bake it! Eat the cake, it’s someone’s birthday somewhere!
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