Chemical Pyrography (2nd - 8th)
What you'll need
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1 tbsp / cup
Ammonium Chloride NH4Cl
1 for every five participants.
Heat Gun
At least one per participant
Wooden Block
Can be handmade or commercially made
Ours are a quarter sheet, approx 4"x5"
Piece of Felt for stamp pad
Less than 10 drops are needed, you can also use concentrated food coloring.
Watercolor ink
18" x 24" or larger.
Wooden board to protect table
Chemical Pyrography Coach Guide
1 tablespoon NH4Cl (ammonium chloride) + several drops watercolor ink in 1 cup warm H2O, mix well.
Pour colored NH4Cl solution on felt pad. Color helps define stamp print & disappears when heated.
Press stamp into pad, and stamp onto wood. Avoid large drips. You can also paint with this media.
Protect work area with 1/2" or thicker board, move heat gun slowly over print.
You'll see the material change from yellow to nearly black - move heat slowly back and forth.
Add color directly on top of the "burned" area if you'd like. The oxidized design is indelible!
To clean, rinse stamp pad in the sink to reuse. The media is not toxic, and can go down the drain.
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