Crankie Contraption!
This is made using a FutureMakers Crankie Contraption snack, plus your favorite pencil and markers.
Unfold your Crankie scroll paper. Flatten out the seams so the black lines and text face up.
Draw a sequence of story images from one end to the other. Cover the whole length of the scroll.
Place a sticker on the marked area at one end of scroll. Flip and attach a centered tube to sicker.
Repeat for other end. You’ll have a sticker left over. Tightly roll up your scroll from each end.
Remove and set aside the center piece of your cardboard. Punch out all remaining circular holes.
Fold short sides first & snap into slots. Fold in ends, cover with long sides and snap in place.
With drawing facing down, insert tubes into holes on one side, then press fit into opposite side.
Hook the leftover cardboard pieces, over inside bottom edge to create your Crankie’s “feet”.
Optional: Lightly pinch the top tube ends and press handles onto them.
Practice with your Crankie! Flatten creases & roll both scroll ends tight to keep from sticking.
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