8 Creative Burgers You Need To Try
Burgers don’t have to just be a patty and cheese anymore. Check out these burger glow-ups to see what you can do with your burgers during grill season
Turkey Burgers are all the rage, but have you tried a chicken burger? Try these Ground Chicken Burgers by @hotpankitchen. Grill up this burger today!
Sometimes you need all the fixings, like this Dynamite Burger by @sweetpealifestyle! Ashley gives you the secret sauce to make your burgers stand out!
Have those days where you want that burger flavor, but you also want something a little lighter? Try out these Burger Bowls by @runningtothekitchen.
You know what’s better than burgers and kebabs? A burger that tastes like kebabs! Try this Chapli Kebab Burger recipe by @mrsdoughfire.
Easily make meat-free burgers at home with this Vegan and High Protein Burger Patties recipe by @thebiblediet.
If you’re a pescatarian, or maybe just a seafood lover, these Fish & Quinoa Burger Patties by @MariaDaghlian1 are for you!
Love those burgers from your local greasy spoon? Replicate them at home with this Flat Top Smash Burgers recipe by @FunnyIsFamily.
If you like pineapple on your pizza, then you’ll probably like pineapple on your burger. Try out this recipe, Tropical Burger by @DoctorJo.
There truly is a burger out there for everyone! Make one of these today or share one of your favorite burger recipes next!
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