Diagnosing Your FLF Part 1
Watched my Caring For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig but still have issues with your plant? Keep watching!
The following problems are what happens when your FLF doesn't get enough water in the soil or air.
Small red dots on leaves is called Edema, although unsightly, it is nothing serious to worry about.
Edema is caused when soil has been dry too long and the FLF has also been sitting in a lot of light.
When the plant gets watered it absorbs too much water and the cells burst, resulting in the spots.
Basically, edema happens from infrequent waterings. Soil should be moist, not wet all growing season
If you notice a hole in a leaf that happened naturally, it is usually because of the humidity level.
If air is too dry, new leaves can stick to their casing and rip when they unfurl.
Don't mist leaves, use a humidifier instead to add more water to the air.
Continue on to Part 2 for how to handle yellowing leaves!
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