5 Differences Between Pothos & Philodendrons
Philodendron and pothos look almost identical but belong to different genus. (Pothos is actually called Epipremnum).
Leaf shape: philodendron have a true heart shape leaf, with more space between the rounded lobes at the widest part of the leaf.
Philodendron also become more narrow at the bottom of their leaves while pothos have a fuller shape.
Leaf texture: philodendron leaves are soft and smooth. Pothos leaves are waxy and have a ribbed texture and will feel bumpy.
Leaf thickness: philodendron leaves are a lot thinner and delicate than pothos leaves.
New leaves: new philodendron leaves come out of the top of the vine, while new pothos leaves unfurl from its current leaf.
Only philodendrons will have cataphylls. The cataphyll is the name of the sheath in which the new leaf grows. They will eventually get brown and crisp
Aerial roots: philodendron have thinner aerial roots while pothos have rounder and thicker ones.
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