DIY Diwali Diya Holder
Using scissors, trim the neck off of each plastic spoon.You will need about 32 spoons for 2 holders.
Spray paint the spoon heads with gold Metallic color. Let them dry completely.
Cut out two small round pieces of cardboard. Spray paint them with gold color and let them dry.
Using hot glue, stick the spoon heads on the outer corner of the cardboard one at a time.
Repeat the same step with inside the circle too. The diya holder is ready.
For the stand, take two round cardboard pieces, fabric and lace of your choice.
Using a glue stick, attach the fabric to the cardboard by wrapping it around nicely.
Stick a gold lace around the cardboard along the edge using hot glue.Add a cardboard piece as stand.
✨Place the diya holder on the stand and add a tea light candle in the center✨
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