DIY Halloween Picks With Origami Leaves
Cut square paper in half diagonally, I’m using a 12x12” scrapbook paper. Thinner paper is easier
Cut one triangle in half. Use a cutting mat to keep your cut straight.
You could make even smaller ones by cutting one of these in half
This is what each size triangle makes
Accordion fold each triangle, start at the longest side. Use a ruler to start the first fold at .5”
Fold the strip in half so long sides come together (you could stop here & use this as bat wings!)
Use Mod Podge on both long sides and press together for a minute
Hot glue 1-3 leaves to a skewer, chop stick, or wire. This is a skewer I painted black & cut to size
Use different sized skewers depending on how you’ll use these. Longer for flower arrangements
Add Halloween embellishment w/ hot glue if desired
Your Halloween pick is ready to add to wreaths, flower arrangements, & other decor!
What you'll need
Black 12x12” Scrapbook Paper
Skewers (painted black if desired)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Halloween Embellishments (skulls, ghosts, etc)
Cutting Mat
X-Acto Knife (or scissors)
Mod Podge Matte
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