12 Easiest Yoga Poses For Beginners
Stand up with your arms to your sides. This is called mountain pose!
Squat with your arms up in the air. This is called chair pose.
Split your legs and lean with your hand on your ankle. Lift your other arm to the sky. This is called triangle pose!
Stick your bottom in the air and put your heels down on the mat. This is downward dog.
Get into your version of plank. You can do this on your arms as well.
Balance on the soles of your feet and place your hands together. This is garland pose!
Balance on one foot with your other foot placed on your thigh. Lift hands to the sky. This is called tree pose!
Sit cross legged and gently place your hands on your knees. This is called easy pose.
Sit down and split your legs. Lean forward with your arms on the ground. This is a wide legged seated forward bend!
Sit up tall and put your legs together. This is called staff pose.
Sit down and cross one leg over the other. Twist your spine to one side. This is called seated spinal twist!
Lie down with your legs apart and your arms to your sides. This is called corpse pose.
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