Easy Figure Skating Skills For Beginners
Want to learn how to ice skate but don’t know where to start! These 7 simple figure skating moves will can help!
First we have marches. This is a super easy way to get you moving on the ice.
Next is 2 foot glides.Start with marches then keep you feet still and try to keep your momentum going. This can progress into one foot glides as well.
Once you know how to glide you can try dips. This move is pretty much a squat during a 2 foot glide. It will definitely test your balance.
Next is swizzles. I have a separate jumprope that goes more in depth on these.
Ready to go backwards?! Start with these simple backward wiggles to get you moving.
Once you feel comfortable you can try backward swizzles.
Lastly we have snowplow stops. This one can be pretty challenging but with practice you’ll get the hang of it in no time!
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