Easy Holiday Place Card Holder In Under 5 Min
Get your corks ready!
Besides the wine or champagne corks you also need pine tree branches
Choose the steady side of the cork to face down on the table
Use a pointed kitchen knife to make a small hole on the top of the cork
Next, cut the cork horizontally in front of the hole you made
Now, insert your pine tree branch in the hole. This is to test it out. Remove when done.
Test out the branch and your hole to make sure they for. Some branches are thicker than others
Now, insert the place card in the horizontal cut you made. Use the knife to help insert it.
Finally, put it all together - set the pine tree branch in place
Now, decide who seats where and decorate your table with these super easy upcycle cork place cards!
What you'll need
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Wine Corks
Pine Tree Branches
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